Friday, February 18, 2005

Trip to the eye doctor

Tuesday morning I awoke (9 am) with a mild headache and took the excedrin before it got too bad. Still I felt kind of nauseated though. As you can tell from how much I have been writing, I spent the morning at the computer which does not seem to bother me.

My eye seemed a little better. I could read words out of it although it was a little blurry. The optomitrist wrote me back and said that luckily they had an openning in the late afternoon.

Fortunately my cornea is not scratched! He could see the old scratch that is healing. Apparently my eye was inflamed from the soap incident and it is having a problem with drying out due to not blinking often enough from facial muscle weakness. It appears that the lower eye lid is hanging open a little. When people close their eyes or blink they actually also move the lower lid. Mine seems not to move. As a matter of fact, when I open my mouth wide, there is a little bit of an open gap the forms between my eyeball and the lower lid. The lid does not stay stuck to the eyeball like it should. The doctor recommended that I apply artificial drops to my eyes hourly, apply tobradex sauve to the eye as needed and underneath the eyes where the lower lids have become irritated with itchy dry red skin, and finally to tape my eye shut at night.

After the appointment we stopped at Home Depot to return about $1000 worth of left over remodeling materials. It took so long that I looked at every type of bulb and live plant available! I was really worn, feeling dizzy and kind of nauseated still. I found a nice wicker share in the lawn and garden department where I could prop my feet up on the matching wicker table. I became so comfortable that I fell asleep for a half hour to an hour! I totally forgot where I was! LOL I can only imagine what other customers must have thought as I was sitting there with my head back and mouth wide open! When I awoke, Harley was STILL with the cashier at the returns counter.

That evening I was feeling up to going to the ASL meetup group at the Crossroads in Bellevue. The group is a fantastic bunch of people and I always have a great time signing with them! Harley came with for the first time and had fun too. After the mall closed we went in "half price books" but I was getting dizzy and nauseated standing up for any length of time. I started to loose my patience to look at stuff.

We went home and watched a movie but my right eye was still bothering me. I could not see well out of it and it was causing my vision to be distorted with both eyes. So I had to sit close to the tv to read the captioning and cover my right eye so I could read better with just the left.


Kristy said...

I'll have to make it to the Crossroads ASL meet-up sometime soon. :) Hope to see you there tomorrow, Rebecca! :)

Rebecca said...

oh dang! Did you go? The friends I always go with could not make it so I did not have a ride. I had another headache at 7:30 so I took some excedrin and lied down for 30 or 4o minutes.

Kristy said...

I didn't go. I guess because I was shy about going by myself, and also because I love this really great show called "Lost" that's on ABC (channel 4 out here in our area) on Wednesdays at 8 PM. Yeah, I could have gotten my computer to record it, but hey, it's fun to watch it as it's being broadcast. ;)
If you ever want a ride to any ASL event, just let me know, I'm usually free in the evenings. :)