Monday, February 21, 2005

02-18-05 Daily Report

Woke up early and for the second morning in a row I ran head first into the log pole standing between the bathroom and the stairs. I am very disoriented in the morning and can no longer safely walk aroundthe house in the dark obviously. I did not feel so good so I took 3 IB Profen and went back to bed until around 11:30 am. I took another nap later in the afternoon.

Lately I have been getting extremely fatigued. It takes me all day to motivate myself to go for a walk with the dogs. Today I went to Marymoore park (the dog park) for a change of pace. I did not use a hiking pole and my balance was not so hot so I had two incidences. First I slammed the left side of my body into the fence on the bridge. As a result I cut my hand and it has become infected and stings. The other incident was kind of embarassing but I dont think people may have seen me. I bent over to pet Katie and I nearly crushed her from falling! Fortunatley she moved out of the way and she was sitting nicely. I looked up and down the trail to see if anyone noticed because they would have thought I was a drunk!

After returning from the park I hurried to get ready as Melody picked me up to go to the monthly BCC ASL club coffee night in Bellevue. On the way there I got another headache but brought excedrin along with me. The headache went away and I had a wonderful time visiting with many people. More and more people are going each month. Nearly our entire Wednesday night asl meetup group was there! As always, we were the last ones to leave after Starbucks had closed.

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