Monday, February 21, 2005

02-20-05 Daily report

Today seemed like a pretty good day except that I am still pretty tired. In fact I am the most tired now out of the whole treatment process (7 months post treatment). Harley and I were talking and we think this may be due to coming off the steroids. On the steroids I got very little sleep so my body probably did not have enough rest and is trying to adjust.

I have read of other patients experiencing headaches and fatigue after cyberknife. I did not realize these symptoms might come on or heighten after a long time period. I guess I thought it would occur earlier.

I again went for my walk but was really tired and napped beforehand in the afternoon. I had to force myself to get up before I missed all the great sun today. I got a headache at the trail so I took my excedrin then. Today I did not concentrate on trying to walk fast and I took some short breaks. After the walk I felt better and refreshed. I think the cold 40 degree air woke me up. When I got home I was able to finish bringing in the firewood to dry and the trash out to the road.

I wanted to vacuum the house and ride the exercise bike a little but it didn't happen. I chatted on instant messenger for a while and lied down for another nap. So in case you are wondering, that is why I am awake again at this weird hour. One of these days I will get back on track with a normal sleeping schedule and function like a normal person.

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