Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Ideal Nightly Regimen


After brushing rinse mouth thoroughly several times while holding my lips shut to get all the food out that has become stuck in my teeth.
Floss all the teeth while paying special attention to the gaps that have formed in my upper back molars.
Rinse mouth continuously with water to get out additional food.
Use Prevident (prescription flouride) to rinse mouth for 30 seconds.
After guzzling lots of water due to dry mouth and thirst, apply a thick gel substance to my gums (fake saliva) to try to protect my mouth for the night.


Wash face of course.
Apply Refresh Gel Drops to both eyes (seems to glue my left eye shut by morning)
Ideally I should probably tape the right eye shut but I don't.


Apply dry skin lotion (called Heal Rescue) to all the thousands of cracks in my callused feet.
Put on socks and wear to bed to lock in moisture.

I have to admit I get kind of lazy. First of all, I usually watch a netflix in the evening but end up falling asleep from my medication and I get just plain tired out of trying to keep up with reading the captioning. I wake back up between midnight and 1:30 am to do my regimen. My mouth tastes terrible by then and I have to brush my teeth for relief. Plus I do not like the fact that I am spending oodles of money to repair them. Sometimes I am too lazy to wash my face after the whole mouth ordeal and I just put the drops in. Now that summer is here I go barefoot alot and don't pay as much attention to my feet until they get really bad.

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