Friday, June 10, 2005


Shoes. Who would ever think that shoes could be representative of a basic freedom?

I was just in my bedroom trying to pick up things seeing as I am a little more motivated to do so today. I have been thinking about some of my shoes for a month or more now. What to do with them??

Under my bed were three of my favorite pairs of shoes that I have not worn in months! They were great shoes. It made me sad to see them. I have never been a stiletto type of person but I could wear shoes with a nice chunky heel.

The shoes were some of the basics to any woman's wardrobe. Two black pair and one mother of pearl white sandals that I wore at my wedding and used as part of my "going to a wedding" attire. As a matter of fact I think I wore them to every friend's wedding since mine in 2000 except the two latest weddings I attended where I wore a darker color.

The last time I wore them was right after treatment when I went to my friend Kate's wedding in July (when my balance was still reasonable.....not the best but much better than now). I thought I remember the heel being more flat and incorporated with the shoe but alas when I just looked the heel was definitely a seperate part of the shoe.

The two black ones were also for dress occassions or for wearing a power suit or gaining a bit of height. One pair was a platform shoe which I could wear amazingly well and I loved the days when I wore them teaching. I could squat down on them comfortably at eye level or desk level distance when working one on one or with a small group of students. The other pair was black swede and I loved wearing them with winter outfits (especially to winter weddings).

Ahh well. Harley never liked it when I wore heels anyway. So I guess it is back to flatland like when I was a kid.

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Unknown said...

Nice blog and good post.Think u have a good collection of designer shoes..I too have few pairs that i wear very rarely.