Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Incredibly Humbled I

Wow! You know how I just posted this morning about my feats of accomplishment standing on the BOSU ball? Well when I did a search for it I also came upon this site where they use the BOSU ball for sports condition training.

LOL I must look like a dang fool compared to what they are doing in the short video on this site! I am quite literally blown away!

Check out the link I have included by clicking on the lighthouse in the post title. OR if that does not work for you, past the following into your browser to view the website for TWIST CONDITIONING INC. - the sport conditioning specialists:

The small video automatically appears when you open the page and is not at all boring. It is very fast paced and almost makes my head spin.

About Sports Conditioning from the BOSU site:

Sports conditioning, by its nature, is dynamic. The qualities of sports movement that can be trained with BOSU® Balance Trainer include endurance and power, cardiovascular conditioning, agility, balance, proprioception and flexibility. You can accomplish specific transfers to almost any sport through a variety of static balance exercises and dynamic balance drills. The variations are almost unlimited. One, two or multiple BOSU® Balance Trainers can be used to set up drill patterns for sports goals.

Here is another site I found with the BOSU balance trainer

(WTNH, July 20, 2003) _ It's hard to believe that bouncing on a squishy half moon shaped ball can actually get you in shape. But, it can! The new form of exercise is called BOSU. From rehabbing a reconstructed knee to setting world records, BOSU allows you to find your "point of challenge" and develop beyond that point.
A local aerobics instructor will be here to show us how to do it.
Watch the interview
For more information on BOSU Balance Training: http://www.bothsidesup.com/.For more information on Club Fitness: www.guilfordfitness.com/index.cfm

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