Monday, March 24, 2008

We Made it!

Results after the climb:

We reached the top thanks to you!

Me: 14 minutes 16 seconds

Michelle: 18 minutes

Floors: 69

Steps: 1,311

Over 500o participants; donations continue to be collected until the April 4th deadline. The goal is to raise a million dollars. So far we have exceeded the original projection of raising $750,000 for blood cancer research and support.


Kathy said...

Wooooooo Hooooooooo!! Fantastic! Congratulations! =)

Rebecca said...

THANKS! I am researching the possibility of embarking upon a great adventure/journey iif it is doable for me with my balance. Right now I am preparing to run 2 5Ks in June (the NF Challenge which is a fundraiser for Neurofibromatosis and this year I would finally like to do the "Furry 5k" with my dogs to support the King County Animal Shelter. Katie was in pain and had knee surgery 2005, was sore 2006, and I am not sure why we did not go last year. So this has got to be the year for us. Hopefully the dogs and I will be up for it.