Friday, May 09, 2008

Back to Health Now

Thanks to everyone who emailed me, IM'd me, and left comment posts regarding our bout with food poisoning. Fortunately, the saying "What Stays Happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas" holds true! Harley was fine when we returned and I took a day and a half to rest before resuming my normal activity level. My poisoning had come on friday the week of our vacation so I spent 3 entire days lying in a hotel bed or on the floor waiting for it to pass.

This waiting for recovery is becoming very familiar to me now as that is what I did many days while going through chemotherapy for cancer, during the time when the effects of swelling of my brain tumor post radiosurgery left me dizzy just opening my eyes while lying in bed, and while waiting for the nausea to pass and couble vision to subside after my recent surgery. I don't like doing it as I generally cannot even watch TV or read but I am getting used to it. I just hang in there believing the quote "This too shall pass."

One positive aspect about the food poisoning experience is that it was really awful and I handled it. I had a very bad and scary time when awoke after my surgery. Drugs don't sit well with me and I opened my eyes to convulsions, chills, a loud hammering noise in my brain, and my least favorite of all symptoms of violent vometing. It was a horrible rude awakening because I expected to just be out of it and resting peacefully from some kind of pain killer like morphine. My thought was that I might not even wake up until a full day had passed. Instead, just the opposite happened as my body underwent a reaction from the anesthesia hurling me into an uncomfortable consciousness shortly after the surgery. I don't know if there is a different anesthesia they can give me next time, but it is an experience I thoroughly dread going through again! However, I suppose it is better to just be throwing up violently than having diarrhea combined at the same time. Thid is the thought I will hold on to and try to think of when it happens again......."It could be worse".

So last tuesday of last week, after a 6 day absence from my training and then days of lying around, I got back to work.

Tuesday night: brisk 45 minute walk with the dogs
Wednesday night: 30-32 minute run followed by a half hour of weight lifting
Thursday night: just shy of a 2 hour hike with the dogs
Friday night: 36 minute run followed by a half hour chest workout
Saturday: 45 minutes at the gym which included leg lifting routine (can't remember about walk)
Sunday: 1 hour brisk walk on trail with Harley and the dogs
Monday: 20 minutes on the cybex machine, 1/2 hour upper body weight lifting routine, 15 minutes on abs and balance, about 1 and half hour to 2 hour hike with my sister and dogs
Tuesday: 38 minute run
Wednesday: just over an hour of hill work in Daniel's ranch
Thursday: 35 minute run following by stretching, abs, and a half hour leg lifting routine

Today I am due to go for a walk/hike on the Snoqualmie trail out here (preferably 2 hours)

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