Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"The Suit"

So I am back in the water again (pool for water aerobics). After searching 8 stores and finding nothing in my size, butt ugly suits, or astronomically priced suits out of my budget, I finally found a nice selection at the Sports Authority in Bellevue.

It is a weird thing. When I was a larger person I could only find hideous suits in my size which did not compliment my figure. All the cute suits were the size I am currently. Murphy's Law is now just the opposite is happening! All the styles, designs, and colors I like are in every other size I used to be. What the heck!? It is like my exact desire for a suit collection 4 years too late. I remember shopping with my sister when I was trying to have her help me find something. Gosh it must have been before my honeymoon or sometime in the early 2000s.

I have actually been searching for a suit since the fall. In the NW fall and winter is not the time to shop for suits. Your lucky if you can find a handful and if you do they are rather bland and unappealing.

Anyhow, just when I was about to give up I thought I would try the Sports Authority again (I had checked a couple months ago). At first I thought I was dreaming! I found 8-10 suits in different designs and colors all my size! It is totally a record! I have never gone into a dressing room with that many swimsuits before and they ALL looked great! It is totally unbelievable! Every single one I had to try on again for comparison and to help with my decision. Some of them I elimnated which were out of my desired price range. The others I tried on three times. (hehe - I saw some people walk by the dressing room and they must have been wondering if I passed out or something because I was taking so long).

This is the suit I finally decided on as I thought it flattered me and looked the best on. I think it is the best suit I have ever had! I feel like an athlete in it! When I went to class it held me all in and I had no worries about anything flopping out leaving me to work out to my hearts content.

I am so glad to be back at class as I feel it really makes a difference with my balance. Having a good suit and watershoes brings it all together too. It is of the same importance as wearing the proper gear while hiking, diving, or any other sport. My legs are so much stronger now and there are times where I would have normally taken a tumble when tripping but now I have been able to catch myself and keep it together.

I get the Multiple Schlerosis newsletter as I used to rollerblade in their big Seattle Super Skate fundraiser (25 miles long). They have very good articles and I find that often topics relate to side effects NF2 patients go through also as MS is a disorder of the nervous system also and causes lesions to grow in the brain too.

On the front page of the newsletter was an article about the new hydrotherapy class they have implemented for MS patients. The therapist had explained the exercise benefits of hydrotherapy for patients with MS and other disabilities as it is safe and allows one to do moves that may not be possible for patients out of the water. Further, MS patients remarked on the amazing improvements they have made since starting hydrotherapy. I totally agree!

It is so freeing and I can always safely challenge myself with intensity and the different moves. I used to go to kick boxing and step aerobics when I could hear. When my hearing dwindled I went less and less as I could no longer follow without hearing the beat and it was no longer fun. Now that my balance is gone, I could not even consider going to something which would involve moving around a step nor doing moves on one foot such as kickboxing. The pool allows me to jump around without hurting myself as if I fall there is the water to offer some resistance to slow me down.

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