Thursday, May 15, 2008

One step forward, two steps back

Hmmn. Darn it! More expense!

Monday my swimsuit became stretched to the point that it is baggy and looks ridiculous. Last time I went to water aerobics I put it into the machine which wrings the water out of it and I must have left it in there too long. The printed spandex material became distressed and during class it felt kind of weird and loose. Afterward back in the locker room, I looked in the mirror and discovered that my tankini top looked like I was wearing some kind of flowing blouse as the print material seperated from the body fitting spandex. So the quest is on again to find an affordable suit which looks decent before I can return to water aerobics. My suit is pretty much toast and I should not wear it anymore to save myself from an embarassing accident should it fall apart.

Sunglasses (equally as hard to find something that looks good on same as a swimsuit). Who knows what happened to my good pair? Perhaps they flew out of the overhead compartment and became swallowed under the seat which I have not been able to find yet. The cheap spare pair I found stuck between the truck seat and center counsel. When I attempted to pull them out the side got bent up. Upon trying to straighten and fix them one of the sides broke off. Sunglasses are another necessity to protect my eyes. I can't go to water aerobics naked and I can't drive around not being able to see, so those are definitely justifiable and needed expenses.

Ah boofaroo! (I made up that word. At least I think! LOL I thought I made up brain fog too but months later I found out it is an actual thing). Just shy of 2 years old next month, I fried my good digital camera. On Sunday Harley and I went for a walk. I was wearing my new NF shirt that Deb Hanlon sent me and wanted to get pictures of it to post.

I had the padded case attached to my hip belt for my water bottle. When I took off my jacket I had to take off the belt to put the jacket back on after having Harley take pictures. While doing so, the weight of the small camera unlatched the velcro holding it to the hip belt resulting in the camera in its case hurling to the ground. Apparently the impact was too great as the digital display is not working. The screen is not broken but the digital feedback image shows a cracked screen oddly. Perhaps it is cracked inside? So my picture taking has come to a halt until I can get it fixed (if it is possible).

The good news is that I have my computer back after several weeks without. One day it was acting strange so I shut it off to reboot. Problem - it would not turn back on. Harley took it in last week and fortunately it was an easy and affordable solution. The power supply had gone out and needed to be replaced. So now I have access again to people's website that were saved in my favorites and other useful places I like to visit.

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