Monday, February 16, 2009

Half Way - Yay!

This is just a short note to let you know that I have successfully completed the first 5 weeks of my half marathon training of a 10 week preparation program. I am very excited to announce that Saturday afternoon I ran the longest distance non-stop that I have ever ran in my life! I never imagined running 8 miles until I concieved of this half marathon idea last month! As a matter of fact, all week and morning Saturday I was a little anxious and wondering if I could possibly do it.

The previous weekend (the Saturday before Valentine's day) I did my 6 mile run in under 58 minutes. Time is not my goal though, but it was just a bonus to complete that in under an hour. What I have been striving for is to get settled into a pace where I am comfortable and can keep on going. I want to be able to make it to the finish. I will run as much of it as possible and it would be fantastic if I could run the whole thing!

For right now, I have changed my strategy and plan on running more and walking less (my original intention was to use the run walk method and run a mile and alternate by walking every other mile = 7.1 miles running and 6 miles walking). I decided that was too much changing and would make it difficult for me to settle into a pace. So then my thought was running 3 miles and walking a mile and then running 3 miles again for the entire course (running 10.1 and walking 3 miles).
However, now that I know I can run 6 miles, I plan to run 6 miles right off the bat. Then I can walk a mile and in the 8th mile start running again. Doing that method I could break up the run with a 1 mile walk after 6 miles and then shooting for running the remaining 6.1 miles.

I made it 8 miles this past Saturday and felt pretty good doing it (meaning I did not feel entirely exhausted, sore, and tapped out at the finish). Over the past week my body seems to have adjusted and found a "pace" such as when I distance walk. This is really what I have been working toward and I am happy that it has happened for me. For awhile I just was not sure if this was possible for me. I sure hope it is not a fluke and that THIS is indeed real and will continue.

Ok, gotta cut it short because I need to go out for a short run today and want to enjoy the last hour of sunny weather here. We will see how I do today after my longest run and a day of rest from running. The course today is not flat and finishes going up a long gradual hill.

Train on everyone with whatever your endeavors are! ;o)

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