Thursday, May 07, 2009

National Institute of Health (NIH) Study

Check it out!

I just called over the phone today to the NIH to register for a natural history study of NF2. They are currently seeking participants for the study. Go to this link for the details:

NIH Natural History Study of NF2

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Yvonne Foong said...

Interestingly. When I first got diagnosed in Malaysia, I wanted to participate and assist in research to find a cure for NF by volunteering to become a study subject. But I lived in Malaysia while most NF research is based in the states.

Then, guess what, I happened to seek treatment at the House Clinic, and have had five surgeries here ever since. During these surgeries, they will excise a piece of my tumor and keep it in the lab for the surgeons and researchers at House Ear Institute to study with. So I HAVE become a research subject and be involved in research after all.

Gaga! I am just musing at how sometimes our wishes tend to come true, but not in the way we wanted or imagined,