Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Back To Work

Just a short post here as I need to head in for a makeup session with my trainer that I missed yesterday. Last week the GI doctor wanted to perform a test to investigate for gastric (internal) bleeding as the source of my anemia before I ran the half marathon and could possibly do damage if there was a problem. Distance running is quite a strain on the body and gastric bleeding problems are common with runners.

FORTUNATELY I recieved good news! While the search and pokes to find a vein for an IV was sort of a drama, the colonoscopy and endoscopy procedure was cake compared to the things I have gone through! I was a little unprepared that it is actually a full medical procedure in which one is prepped just like any other surgery - gown, in a medical cot, IV, etc.. But after the IV apprehension, I barely remember the hour and a half procedure even though I was under conscious sedation. I do not even recall them putting any kind of tube down my throat.

Everything looked great! No internal bleeding problems so I can commense with training and happily run the half marathon in full glory!

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That's great news!!