Friday, November 12, 2010

Shiney Happy People Holding Hands

See what I mean? This is Chris and Shane. What a happy looking couple! They are very photogenic and always look great together.

The picture where Shane is wearing a green jacket is right before take off from Seattle. With my vision impairment, I cannot always tell if I have taken a clear photo which mostly is an indicator of whether I had it on the right setting. Hence, a fantastic shot turned out blurry!!! Yet it is such a lovely photo of them that I had to include it.

The 3 photos are from various points of the trip on BOTH flights! They seem to have this jet lag thing down pat. Although Chris does have experience as in the earlier years of his prior business, he spent 5 years traveling to so many countries that I cannot remember the exact number! That is pretty incredible. So he is somewhat of an expert. Further, he and Shane are meticulously organized people. They have 3 small children so they are highly efficient. - some lessons Harley and I could take. :)

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