Thursday, July 27, 2006

Running Update

If you have been reading you know my difficulty with running. Last spring I found out that I was improving my balance to the point that I could run at least 3 miles. One day I decided to run longer than that which worked out until my drive home where I got such a bad migrane and pain behind my eyes that I vomited something black (which doctors determined might have been dried blood from the nose bleeds I was having).

As it turns out my optic nerves were swelling again and I had to go back on medication. My one doctor told me that the running might be causing too much pressure to build up in my brain. Okay but I was determined to run my 3 miles in the Relay for Life (to which I collapsed for a short bit afterward.....tell ya later).

In June I fell on my tailbone and bruised it very badly. It has taken this long for it to heal so I have not been able to run at all. Then I began to experiment at Saturday practice over a week ago. I wanted to do 2 laps around the park and it seemed like many people were running around me. Therefore I sort of jogged in little spurts (for only about 10 minutes) but it made me dizzy.

On friday night (not sure exactly) Harley and I took the dogs walking but it was an hour before sunset and the squeeters were out. Thus we had no choice but to run on the way back. I just kept running and reached the open field before I thought I would (we had to run past the stagnant ponds and the creek which are prime breeding grounds for the beasts). I think I ran for about 18 minutes and then I walked.

Yesterday however, I did not have the dogs with me so I decided to try to go for a half hour run. I ran for about 32 minutes and walked the rest to make it an hour. Fortunately the weather has cooled a little and there was a slight breeze. I did not seem to have pain but the coordination for running was challenging. Yet I was able to run for 30 minutes which I have not been able to do for over a month!

Here is a link which explains one of the reasons I cannot run too far and why at certain times I have difficulty with night driving. The best way to describe my life in motion (walking, running, riding on a bumpy road) is like constantly viewing life through a home video camera while in movement. Sometimes (depending on what shoes I am wearing and the terrain) life is like living without shock absorbers (like riding in a car with no shocks). I first noticed this maybe a year or more ago while walking down to the mailbox. I could feel every little bump and pounding of my foot on the gravel drive. It was as if I lost any sense of shocks on my body and the vibration resonated through my spine shaking my skull and eyes.

I have learned to get used to this but yes it is very tiring at times. It takes a GREAT deal of energy and concentration to adapt and get through it.


Angel said...

Wokeup at 2am and have been surfing. Decided to catch up on all the things in your life. I am very proud of you, Beck. You have come a long way and with all your accomplishments, you should be proud of yourself. Tell Harley "hi" for me!

Rebecca said...

Thanks! I greatly appreciate that!

Even though we see each other very seldom, I feel that you are very close. Thanks for reading and keeping up with my life.

When you are with yourself everyday you tend to strive, struggle, and pray for improvement. You don't realize how far you've come until you stop to look back or think about it. Yesterday was one of those days where I had such an epiphany but I have not blogged about it yet. I ws absolutely marveled and amazed at what I have been through over the last two years. There are seriously 3 times when I began to wonder "Is this it? Is this my time?".

Thanks for acknowledging where I have been and how far I have come. I TRULY appreciate that! :o)

I will pass on your good sentiments to the H-man! :o)

Steven said...

Run for a half hour? THREE MILES???? Ha1 I can't run 30 yards!

(yes, I'm fat and out of shape, I know. :p )

But the whole "looking through a camcorder/jiggly eye" thing makes me nauseous after just a few seconds of running. I can't believe you're running for a half hour!

Angel said...

Hell, Beck! I can't even WALK for half an hour! My back is so flippin bad!

Rebecca said...

You are all my motivation. When I do these things such as the Relay for Life or in the past when I did the Seattle Super Skate for MS or the NF challenge, I think of you. When things start to get monotonous, when I have a pain, or I get frustrated with my eyes jumping up and down, I think of all of you who have faith in me and are counting on me to cross the finish or complete the task. When I start to get dragged down, I go to a place where you are with me smiling and proud. Thank you for believing in me!