Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Nice Run

Today is my running day. I was feeling very off today and seriously debated several times whether I should go or not. It was one of those days where I really needed to motivate myself. I opened the front door several times to check the weather and see if it was still drizzling or if it cleared up. Each time of course the dogs were excited thinking I was coming out. With their urging and standing there at the front door next to me I just could not say no. So I took their collars (electronic invisible fence collars) off and moments later I almost put them back on and did not go.

Finally I got myself out the door. The forecast calls for rain the rest of the week and I have other things scheduled that I need to do. Going for a run on Redmond Ridge is much closer than driving all the way to Redmond to go to the gym. Further, I could take farm roads to get there which are less busy at that time of day (4:30 pm). The past couple days I have felt slightly strange while driving like the road is not big enough and that I am going to have a head on collision with on coming traffic. Out in farmland/rural land there is less need to worry about oncoming traffic and concentrate so hard.

So I went to the Ridge. I am glad I got out because doing the run actually made me feel better. Maybe it is just the fresh cool air. In any case I ran a little further this time and was just seconds shy 30 minutes.

The trail was nice with all the snow, slush, and water gone (pleasant fairly level crushed gravel trail through the woods next to Triology golf course - trail that passes Kari's bog which I posted a picture of on here). It is part of the King County Regional trail system that runs along the south side of the golf course. Then it exits west of the golf course and meets a nice wide paved path heading east back towards the center of the golf course (divided in half by a residental road passing through it).

The last portion where the paved trail is, runs uphill whereas the rest of the trail gradually heads downhill. This makes for a challenging end to the run as I am tired by then and have to work harder to finish. So when I tell you about "earning the pants" I really mean it as I have to push myself toward the top of the hill. LOL

My guess is that the route must be about 3 miles. When I began running cross country in high school the longest it took me for a 5 k was 31 or 33 minutes which included walking up a skihill (they are much smaller in Michigan - mole hills compared to here) because I was too out of shape to run up it. The fastest I recall running that distance was about 22 or 23 minutes (I have never been a stellar runner). Therefore, I figure I am right on target. One of these days I will wear the pedometer which I have been forgetting to wear for over almost 2 years! LOL

My vision was not as bad this time as when I ran last week. In case any of you were freaked out that I would be driving around with double vision, know that it dissipates after a few minutes. When I finish running I follow it by a 20-30 minute brisk walk. Today we went on a new route (golf cart road) following the run that continues around the north side of the golf course and past the homes that line it.

Seeing as it was after 5 pm and getting dark and had been not an ideal day for golfing due to the drizzling weather, I did not expect to get run over by any carts zipping by. The road (path) is off limits to anyone not on a golf cart so I thought this would be a great opportunity to explore something new that normally is prohibited. Surprisingly there was still one die hard golfer on the course but he was walking around toting his clubs instead of driving a cart.

In all it was pretty nice. The rain had stopped and it was 44 degrees. This is really perfect for me as I hate running in hot weather. I like it when it is cooler but not too cold - just right where your lungs don't freeze and just plain comfortable. Further, having it be wet out allows just enough moisture to keep one from getting thirsty or my eyes from drying out. :o) SATISFIED

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