Saturday, February 02, 2008


Ravenous....that is how I would describe my current week. I don't know if it is an effect of working out or that the long course of steroids have caught up with me. This morning when I awoke I could not wait to eat breakfast even though I ate a very late dinner (10 pm - turkey breast, gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing, and an orange).

Prior to dinner yesterday I took the dogs to the park (we lost Jake for awhile) and went to the gym starving. I had not brought any snacks with me (usually a yogurt smoothie, cheese stick, and celery). I had already consumed my smoothie and cheese stick earlier in the day.

Lately I have been craving a lunch for breakfast. eating things such as teriyaki when I first wake up. My desire for my morning oatmeal has become lackluster. Usually I put a yogurt in it or have it plain with soy milk and raisens. Yesterday I prepared my oatmeal with a tad bit of brown sugar which I never do and some chopped almonds. Craving protein again, this morning I skipped it all together and opted for a cheese and sausage lean pocket, a yogurt smoothie and a granny smith apple.

I probably ate about 9 am and by 11:30 I was so hungry again that I was getting nauseous. I went for a walk with Harley and the dogs. I told him we had to walk really fast so I could hurry up and get back to eat.

After a nice turkey burger spinach salad with chopped cucumber, celery and red pepper accompanied by a warm bowl of roasted red pepper tomato soup (sprinkled with mozzerela cheese and broken pita chips), I became ravenous again an hour later. This time I quickly scarfed down 4 cups of lite kettle corn (maybe I was excited to eat it as I have not been able to swallow popcorn for a few years). I also made myself a nice warm and delightfully tasty Oregon Chai tea latte.

I could go for eating the whole microwave bag of kettle corn and some more tea but I decided to chill out and write this post. What is going on?

Back in 2004 I remember the doctors saying to be careful with the steroids as they can make you really hungry and I remember going through that phase. I was told to watch what I eat and choose wise foods to snack on.

From what I think I can recall, the side effect was more immediate. Of course I was on a higher dosage (4 mg) back then than I am on now. I have been on steroids again for about 2 months and I have another month to go. What happened is that for whatever reason, my body chose to stop making the natural level of steroids and I was suffering the effects of going into renal gland insufficiency (blacking out and weakness spells). I think I mentioned this in a previous post, my general internist has put me on a regimen of steroids in an attempt to get my body back on track. The dosages are much lower and the peroid I have been taking them is longer and more gradual compared to what I was given after surgery.

We may have hit the "sweet spot" this time as other than the recent hunger (which could be from something else), I am doing pretty good.

A recap -

Third time with the steroids since surgery

This time the taper schedule is:
2 weeks at .75 mg
2 weeks at .5 mg
2 weeks at .25 mg (which I start on Wednesday)
2 weeks alternating .25 mg every other day

I don't seem to be suffering the other undesirable side effects so I am guessing maybe it is balancing out and replacing what my body should have been making. Hopefully when this steroid course is over I will be able to get off of them until it is time for the next surgery.

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