Monday, February 04, 2008

Sloshy Run But Earning the Pants!

I had to take a short resting period from running to nurse a chest cold. The week before last I hit the trail again with my sister up on the Redmond Ridge. For some reason I really enjoy running on that trail. We ran for about 10 minutes and then stopped at Kari's bog before continuing along the trail for another 15 minutes. It was my first day back in a couple weeks but felt really good.

Feeling stronger since healing, I went for another run last Tuesday non-stop. It had snowed about 4 inches on Monday but had mostly melted at our house so I thought it would be okay to take a run on the "Ridge" which is a little higher elevation. In the lower Carnation Valley the Snoqualmie Valley Trail would be too muddy yet and I hate getting my shoes full of mud and horse dung.

I was a little overly optimistic about the condition of the trail as there was still a good deal of snow up there. That would not have been too terribly bad if the snow was dry but it was a slushy mess the consistency of a shake and not harder like a snowcone. The sidewalk to the trail was covered with wet slush and slippery. Thus I had to be very cautious of my footing.

Once in the woods it was also a sloppy mess but at least the gravel beneath offered more traction than along the sidewalk. My shoes and feet became thoroughly drenched as the running shoes I wore were not waterproof.

I was pretty proud of myself for handling it well. In fact, I became overconfident dreaming of bragging for not falling when just then I took a minor spill. Still, despite the sloshy trail, soaked feet and double vision which happens when exerting myself I was feeling pretty fine.

I had in my mind to "Earn the Pants". This mantra of mine is from an earlier post when I splurged on a new pair of running tights. In order to feel like I deserved them I need to run a certain distance. When I reached the point where I consider I have "earned the pants" I was surprised that it only took 29 minutes through slush, double vision, and a spill! My goal was 30 minutes and somehow I remarkably shaved off a minute under less than ideal circumstances.

COOL! Way to feel satisfied and proud of my effort!

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