Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Three Graces

This evening I did not get home until close to 5 pm and it was drizzling. If it weren't for my dogs wagging their tails excitedly when I pulled in the driveway and their begging puppy dog looks I would have srcaped the walk today. But no. I tried to change quickly and get out the door before all daylight was lost.

Knowing that it was going to be dark soon, we headed to Daniel's Ranch neighborhood where there are street lamps and also driveway lights at many of the houses. We started our walk at 5:35 pm but fortunately with the days growing longer it was still light out for half of our walk.

On our way up the hill we saw our lovely gentle friends again, "the three graces", which are the does we saw last week. This time they were further out in the middle of the neighborhood where I had not seen any deer prior. We noticed them and they noticed us but still casually strolled along. We followed them up the hill slowly until they meandered into the woods and could no longer be seen in what little daylight was quickly slipping away.

Had it not been for my need to walk the dogs, I would have missed our beautiful brush with nature. Further, with the late hour and darkness approaching, I rationed that the neighborhood was our best option to walk in for a full hour. As such, I pushed myself to get in another day of training for the climb by going up and down the hill 3 times.

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