Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ask and you shall recieve

Very interesting!

Near the beginning of my training in January, I discovered I was going to need to invest in another pair of running shoes. This was sort of discouraging news as I had just gotten a new pair of trail running shoes for Christmas. I was not anticipating it in our budget to need another pair so soon! Further, I already owned 2 other pair of trail running shoes of the same brand. It was too late to return my new ones as I had already worn them running in the rain, snow, and mud!

Thus, I became presented with a dilemma. I could not just skip out on any old cheap pair either. It is extremely important to buy the right kind of shoes to prevent injuries and that would be comfortable for very long distances. (A trail shoe is different than a road running shoe. They are structured different and made of different materials designed specifically for the kind of terrain one will be running on. Road runners are made for pavement and lighter. About 90% of my running has been on trails and is the reason why I have trail shoes.)

So back in January I began wondering how in the heck and I going to have the resources to splurge on a new set of running shoes. I decided to envision getting the pair I needed but to not really worry about it at that time until I crossed that bridge. I had faith something would develop because I asked and put the request out there into the universe.

I had in mind the amount I wanted to spend for a pair and could not justify going over that amount(especially seeing as I am not a serious and regular road runner; I just really love trails if I am going to run.) I held on to the belief that when the time came, something would materialize and present itself.

Well it worked!!!! About 2 weeks ago, my favorite "toy" store, REI, and the only place I have purchased shoes since my imbalance began in 2004, had a 20% off coupon for any regular priced item. Seeing that all of the shoes are close to $100 or more, that 20% coupon was going to deduct a fair amount from the cost. Yet, even with the coupon, it would still be over the budget amount I had in mind. So I waited a little longer to think about it.

Then a week ago, our REI dividend arrived (that is the amount of credit the store gives you back based on your previous purchases in the year). The dividend was for $50! Plus, I had another $1 remaining on a gift card. Can you believe it? It all came at exactly the right time when I needed to buy shoes 5-6 weeks prior to the marathon (allowing me time to break them in but not get to worn out).

I was aiming to purchase a mid-range shoe (not the cheapest but not the most expensive either. The range is $85-$140.) I do not know if it was part psychology but the pair I wanted happened to feel rather comfortable on. With the discount and credit, I bought a $105 pair of shoes for $35! It was below the $50 budget I had anticipated and I got a top of the line pair of shoes! (ASICS GT-2140)

It is actually sunny out today and I am REALLY tempted to go out and try them! However, my hip pain flared up again and really had not gone away after I took some rest days from running. I am trying out some anti-inflammatory medicine my doctor prescribed last night. So it may be a good idea to skip the run today and give myself a couple extra recovery days for the 10 mile run on Saturday.

I have been asking for my injuries to go away and the problems with my ankle and other foot have! Now I just need to focus my energies on this hip. It is feeling better today (not fully recovered), but I can definitely move better and I am not in as much pain.

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Kathy said...

atta girl!! Remain positive & positive things come your way!! You inspire many!!!