Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Touch Down! 24!

Weekly mileage completed - 24 miles

Well I finally did it! I got out on the trail for a very early morning run starting at 7:04 am. Not only did I get out early as I had planned, but I also completed my third longest run of 10 miles! Further, I slogged through the foul weather of rain and snow showers nearly the entire time!

During the run the double vision was actually not too bad but proved delayed as I had a difficult time reading the large bold font captioning at the afternoon meeting I attended.

There was stiffness and soreness in my knees during the run and in my hip afterward. I am genetically predispositioned to both knee and hip problems so I take "Move Free" pills near daily and Glucosamine juice as needed. (Apparently I have needed quite a bit at this juncture.) I have also been having tight calves and leg cramps so a potassium supplement has become a regular addition to my daily consumption also.

For you endurance athletes out there or those training to become endurance athletes, here is my morning supplement/nutrition intake before the long run:

2 ounces of FRS energy with 8 ounces of water

a wheat english muffin - one half with peanut butter and half of a sliced banana, the other half slathered with nonfat strawberry cream cheese

2 FRS energy sport chews

a cup of white tea

an iron supplement

a potassium supplement

2 reservatol supplement capsules

a vitamin C supplement

2 move free pills

and let's not forget my morning dose of Propolis Bio 30 in a tablespoon of naturally pomegranate extract (This is an experimental trial supplement to suppress tumor growth.)

Thanks to my wonderful friends and sponors for encouraging me in this endeavor and suppporting NF2 reasearch (the reason I am running):

Skip Sand
Olivia Hernandez
Janet Stillman
Sally Still
Sandy Perlmutter
Dr. Lo
Melanie Breitbach
Kris Curry
Karen Arney
Sherry Cochran
Paula Titus
Tonna Frederick
Melinda & Chuck Alegra
Karen Arney
Jennette Braeten
Victoria from ALDA

Thank you all! You are the sparkle in my day and my motivation to "keeping on trucking" as one of my NF2 friends say!

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