Sunday, April 10, 2005

The "Haircut"

A couple days before the vacation I decided it was time for a trim. I don't like getting my haircut and I probably only get it cut twice a year. The last time I had a trim was before a major holiday again which was either Thanksgiving or Christmas.

It is interesting to get your haircut when you are deaf because normally beauticians ask you lots of questions and yak up a storm. When you are deaf however, none of this can happen. I told the woman that I was deaf and that I just wanted a trim. She showed me the length of what she intended to cut off which was fine for me because I wanted to get rid of the scraggly ends.

At one point she noticed this tuft of hair in front just sticking out that did not match the rest of my hair which was all one length. I told her that I had radiation treatment which caused me t0 go bald in that spot (the size of a quarter). Now that it had grown back in, I did not know what to do with it (now about 2-3 inches in length). I had lost hair in two other spots but they are further back on my head and the rest of my hair seems to cover it.

So the beautician gets this wild idea of giving me bangs which I have not had since the late 80s back in high school with the "poodle" do. LOL I really had no idea what I would look like with bangs and I did not feel like doing any thinking about it. I just said "ok' and hoped that she could do something fantastic for me like on one of those makeover shows. She also wanted to change the sides and make them frame my face. I was a little hesitant about that but again I complied.

Well it turns out that I think it was a bad haircut. Harley did not really like it and the way that she cut my hair seems to accentuate my now very rounded "pumpkin" face. LOVELY! I really did not know what to do with it. I went on vacation and had planned to dye my hair hoping that it would help somewhat. I had bought "Macadamia" which is light natural blonde because it was on sale at Albertson's.

However, my mother had bought some hair dye for me (how did she know I was going to dye my hair????) and brought it with to Oregon. The color was a darker shade called "hot cocoa or hot chocolate". I had a hard time deciding what to do so we flipped a coin. LOL The hot chocolate was on!

By the last day in Oregon I think I finally figured out a way to style my hair that was more my style. It looks kind of cute when I have my hair in a pony tail but I definitely do not like the bangs when my hair is down. So I try to style them over to the side and blend it in with my long hair to make it kind of look like it was before. After awhile though those dang bangs come down or stick in directions I do not like. So it looks like I will be letting them grow out and not have them trimmed with my next haircut.

This is the result when you are thrifty (try to find a cheap place) and you do not fully understand what the beautician is asking you. Next time I will have to bring in some magazine photo and tell the person that is how I want my haircut. It is an adjustment going deaf and takes awhile to figure these things out.


Angel said...

Melinda is a hair stylist and can color your hair for free anytime, you just let us know, ok??

Rebecca said...

Great! Thanks! I think I will take you up on that offer!

I will probably need to dye it again in a month.