Sunday, April 10, 2005

Hey Guess What? - Today marks my 12 year lease on life!

ok this will be real quick because I have to go run some errands right now. I will write more about this later tonight.

I AM PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THAT TODAY IS A MOMENTOUS OCCASSION AS IT IS MY 12 YEAR REMISSION DATE OF BEING CANCER FREE! My last chemotherapy treatment was ironically on Good Friday back on April 9th, 1993 for treatment of Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

I came upon this realization after I finished my recent blog entries last night and was thinking while I went to bed. I have done alot of reflecting about it but I have to go right now. I am just really excited and happy to have been alive for another 12 years! They have been wonderful years and I feel truely blessed. I would not have met my very dear husband, explored the world, or had the opportunity to form the meaningful friendships and bonds I have made had I not survived. Thank you everyone! You have really enhanced my life and I must say that I am really in love with this world and attached to the people in it. I really like my life.


Angel said...

and we love you.

Steven said...

woot for you, Beck!

It really is the people that make life worth living.

Rebecca said...

I agree. When I think about the possibility of dying, I get sad because of all the people I will miss. I feel like I would be lonely.