Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My 15 year Remission Plan

A week ago I told you about my 12 year remission date of having my last chemotherapy treatment. Somehow I did not get around to celebrating my 10 year remission. I think everyone forgot about it because I had NF2. It seems sometimes that the NF2 has taken away from the glory and celebration of remission (like mine does not count or something because I have these benign brain tumors).

Well I own it! It means something to me and I guess that is all that matters. For those of you who have lived through cancer you know what I am talking about. I still would not trade the experience. I feel that I was given something more in life that only those who have had cancer can understand. You see the world differently and through an enhanced perspective. It almost makes you pity the people you see around you because they are in such a chaotic rush that they are truly missing out on some of the best parts of life!

I am the type of person who will ALWAYS stop to smell the roses (literally).

Anyhow, due to my balance problems I figure it is going to take me some time to recooperate and get back on track. After this first tumor finishes swelling and dying I have two more tumors to treat. The whole process is probably going to take 3 years. So I have decided that at my 15 year remission I want to have a celebration. A) to celebrate being cancer free for 15 years and B) for getting all these brain tumors from NF2 treated and in check hopefully for a long while.

I want to kick it all off by jumping off a mountain and flying free like a bird. My plan is to go paragliding off of Tiger Mountain in Issaquah, WA. I was supposed to go paragliding for my 30th birthday but it just so happens that the 9-11 incident occured 11 days prior and they had a flight ban on any parachuting activity within a certain distance of the city. We had to cancel and I was bummed.

Tiger mountain is a hike I have frequented over the years and where I met my friend Yumi. I have seen as many as 20 paragliders up there at a time and it just looks so free! They glide up and down for a half hour to and an hour and a half! All the while on a nice day you can soak in a gorgeous view of Mt. Rainier.

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