Monday, April 18, 2005

Running and Double Vision

I recently have been brave enough to try running while I have been on the steroids. Since restarting the steroids on March 30th, I have gone running 4 times for 20-30 minutes. At first it starts out pretty good but within 15 minutes I get very disoriented and I see double vision (meaning two sets of trails and scenery in front of me).

When this occurs I cannot look straight ahead. Instead, I have to concentrate really hard and look at the ground a foot to 3 feet in front of me to ensure my footing and that I do not drift off the trail or trip on some stick or rock. Looking ahead or to either side is very distracting and would cause me to run off the trail. After about 30 minutes of running it is very difficult to walk straight and I feel as though I have been inflicted with a mild case of cerebal palsy. It seems to improve after 5 minutes I then I can walk normally. It takes about 10 minutes for my vision to return to normal where I can see the trail and scenery without the complication of double vision.

Why would I do this you ask? Well for one I like to know that I still can or as a great mountain climber once said of why he climbed Everest "Because I can." I believe that doing so challenges me and helps to improve my balance (no matter what anyone says). I have heard from other people who underwent imbalance due to brain surgeries that running helped them to regain their sense of balance.

LOL In addition, I seemed to have regained my taste and love of chocolate recently (following Easter). As a result of eating more and having a little bit of a sweet tooth everyday, I have gained back 5 of the 20 lbs I lost. So the addition of running burns a little more calories than just the plain ol' walking. :o)


Rebecca said...

Okay. Why are you all sending me a post with the same blog but a different name?

Rebecca said...

My previous comment was in regards to my first spam all of which I deleted for the readers. I recieved 6 comments some with almost exact wording, that all lead to the same link. There was no author of the webpage it lead to. At a later date I recieved a loop of the same exact comment so from this mischeivious spammer. One would think that such deadbeats could contribute all that energy to a better and more nobler cause.

In any case, if you see a comment saying my blog is cool and to click their link please do not.