Friday, September 26, 2008

Adaptive Sports - Scuba Caddy

This is something I will have to look into.

One of the main reasons I had to quit diving over the past 4 and a half years is that my balance was too poor to be able to handle dive equipment safely. I have been lifting weights consistently at the gym for a year and a half, in addition to doing water aerobics and pracitce standing on the BOSU balance device. FINALLY, I have reached the point that I can stand and support myself with a scuba tank and weights on without falling over. However, walking with the equipment on and entering and exiting the water is another story.

Again, my legs quiver as if about to snap like when hiking and I stop to stand in the middle of a hill. It was a little embarassing, but I needed help getting in and out of the water on my first open water dive recently. The gear is just so heavy compared to the normal weight one carries around. Then when exiting the water it gets even heavier.

It made me go to the gym the next day and work harder lifting more weight. I do not want to be any kind of body builder but just be able to partake in the normal activities I did before losing balance. Even though I am strong and probably have the most muscle mass I have ever had in my life, the loss of balance will make me just crumble in certain situations. It is really amazing and something I could not comprehend at all until it happened to me.
Anyhow, it was kind of discouraging to realize that shore diving probably is not going to work out to well for me unless I have a couple strong buddies to either carry my gear for me or to support me on either side on my walk to and from the water. Further, the situation greatly limits the number of places I could shore dive in comparison to what I did before. As a result, boat diving, which can be costly, is the most ideal for me.
I was thinking how it would be nice to have poles or some type of cane or carrying device for diving. When doing a search on Craig's list for certain equipment, I came across the scuba caddy which could expand my opportunities and extend the length of years I could dive in the NW.
A portion of the sales of this adaptive device go to the following charities for disabled divers:


Anonymous said...

Hi there!
I am actually the guy that makes and sells the cadies, and I'm glad you found us! I really hope we can help you get back into the water and enjoy diving once again, it's a great sport and too much fun not to do.
We've redone our site since you saw this before - FAR better pictures there now!

Rebecca said...

Hi Dan!

I am concerned about how much length the extra length the caddy will add and additional weight which would make it difficult for streamlining under the water. I use a steel compact 80 (which is not a typical tank you find around).

As it is now, I am having difficulty with my trim, My legs seem to be negative and my upper body is sitting higher up in the water column.

I am wondering if I could try it out to see how I like it?