Monday, September 08, 2008

Ready to Dive

On Saturday we went to the DOG (DUI Owners Group) dive rally to try out some of their demo suits. After nearly 4 and a half years since my last dive due to so many complications from NF2, I FINALLY rejoined the underwater world once again!
I had a challenge getting in and out of the water which required help but once I got in with my fins on (they kept falling off), I was very comfortable. The goal of this first dive was to see if I would even be able to tolerate it anymore. In the time which has past, I have become smaller than I ever was while a diver previously. So the concern was whether I would stay warm. Further, as of last year, I developed a condition where my hands are EXTREMELY sensitive to cold and my fingers loose blood circulation. The loss of circulation causes the fingers to turn white and stiff like frostbite. It is known as Raynard's Syndrome. My only hope was dry gloves so I had the opportunity to test it out before investing in some.
I am very happy to report that both my hands and body stayed warm. Thus, I can still dive in the cool and baumy 50 degree waters in the NW.
I have to admit that getting prepared and suited up to dive here is a very daunting and exhausting task for me now. But once I got under the water it was all worth it!
More to come with a dive report from Saturday.

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