Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Photo Frenzy

Good grief I take a lot of photos! I guess that can happen when you are gone for hours at a time in a scenic place. For now, I am uploading all the photos from our 31.5 mile HIKE4NF and later I will pull out ones that do not need to be there. I also have photos to upload from Mt. Rainier on Sunday, Wallace Falls hike Thursday, Tiger Mountain hike a couple weeks ago, the dive event photos from the same weekend as the 31.5 mile hike, and I think the photos from our 15 mile training session in Snoqualmie Pass.

I will definitely post the picassa link today for the 31.5 mile hike.

Tomorrow I have to get packed, go to water aerobics and lift AND walk the dogs, and then lie through at 2 hour spinal MRI. We are heading to Portland for my medical appointments and then to the beach. So there will be even more photos to come! Maybe I will not write for awhile when I come back and just post different photos everyday until I am caught up.

Anyhow, get ready for lots of photos and my absence for 4-5 days.

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