Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Fall, a very Happy Birthday!

At the Hammond Beach House in Pacific City, Oregon
My mom and I wearing our crazy masks

Although my birthday was on Monday which is the opening day of fall, Harley, my parents, and I celebrated over the weekend at the Hammond Beach House on the Oregon Coast.
Thanks Harley for taking the time off drive to Oregon, to go to my doctor appointments in Portland, and then also to go out to the beach for a few days!
Thanks mom and dad for joining us and the celebration!
Thanks Dave and Christie for letting us stay at your fabulous beach house! It is one of our favorite places to visit!
Friday we received wonderful news at my appointment. While the saga is far from over, we were very relieved to learn that I do not need a brain surgery this fall! It was a tremendous weight lifted off our shoulders so we were able to truly relax and just enjoy ourselves.
(I will write more later on what exactly my status means and my reflection on it).
Also, thanks to my friend LoAn for spending Monday afternoon with me on a walk with the dogs and taking me out to lunch for a warm and delicious bowl of pho!

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