Friday, October 24, 2008

Little Bit of Comic Relief

Ok. It could be age related but since the radiosurgery in 2004 I have had problems spelling, using wrong words (such as "red" instead of "read"or "there" instead of "their") and then just completely typing something totally different than what was intended or unknowingly omitting content all together. Lots of "normal" people have scoffed that it is just age (I just turned 37 and it happened since I was 32). Gee, how old is old?

At any rate, for some people these errors may have been normal all of their lives but for me it was not! As a matter of fact, spelling was a breeze for me and English was always something I excelled at in school. I was not out of practice either as I just completed my graduate degree in teaching months prior to the radiosurgery. For those who have never been to graduate school, it is 2 solid years of massive reading and writing. I cannot even fathom how I made it through now and was so successful.

When I struggled with these issues in 2004 I began to research it and discovered that the characteristics are common with brain tumor and head injury patients. Thus, I had to develop some skills to overcome it which included getting out my high school dictionary to look up many words and always editting and reading through what I wrote a couple times.

Sometimes however, I am in a hurry and neglect to read through something thoroughly. As a result, I see it AFTER I have already sent or posted what I wrote or someone kindly lets me know.

LOL Yesterday was such a day. Next week is Halloween already and I wanted to make plans with my sister to see the fantastic haunted forest out here called "Nightmare at Beaver Lake". In my haste, I sent off the email without proofing it as I always do. She got a real kick out of the fact that I asked her to come with me to see the "Beaver at Nightmare Lake".

LOL Oh that gave me a good chuckle for the day and I could not stop from laughing at myself all the way home last night!

Watch out for that BEAVER at NIGHTMARE LAKE next week! ;-)

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