Thursday, October 02, 2008

My Quest4NF2 - news wrap up

Visit the link to read another news article published last week regarding the 31.5 trek Harley and completed to raise research funds for NF2.

Thank you everyone who has been so kind and generous in contributing and even helping to collect donations! I fear I and others with NF2 would have no hope without compassionate donors such as you. I am still fundraising so it is not too late to donate if you have not yet or even if you want to make your holiday contribution to my cause. Just click the first giving button in the left hand margin or by visiting the following link:

To give you an idea of how badly your support and funding is needed, I currently attended another popular fundraising walk to cheer on a friend. To my surprise, there were 3200 participants in just Seattle alone! The event along with numerous other events are held in every major city in the US!

It was just Harley and I in the state of Washington doing this hike and raising $4,489 currently compared to the $6.4 million which the other cause raised. There are less than 100 of us across the entire United States giving our whole heart by participating in various fundraising events for NF. There are less than 10 of us with NF2 who have the ability participating in these events.

Even though I am doing great the last few months compared to the past 4 years, it does not mean the saga is over. This is a life long battle and things can change very rapidly. Many of us (myself included) have tumors in the brain or spine or BOTH which are reported as too numerous to count! Life for us is unpredictable and there are no guarantees. So we have to go with the flow of what it dishes us and we always have a loan out to buy more time.

Thank you again for everyone who has been supportive and has contributed to this fund. It is desperately needed. Every year it seems someone is dying from NF2 but not without months or years of suffering and their quality of life being drained away.

If you have happened upon this blog and even read it regularly, I ask for you to find it in your heart to honestly consider this cause and donate what you are able if you have not already done so. Even $5 can make a difference. If you had to give up your morning coffee once or twice, a package of snacks, a movie, going out to dinner or lunch once, or whatever is an optional expense for you, I truly appreciate your sacrafice!

If you absolutely cannot afford to donate $5 but you do want to help support this cause, please email me at bluediverbeck (at) yahoo (dot) com to learn what you can do.

To all of our friends, family, and sponsors who have helped us to raise funding for NF2, we are extremely grateful to you! Fundraising is very challenging and even more so when you are directly affected by your cause and time is running out. We feel very lucky to have you with us on this journey and to have your support! You have provided us and others with a brighter outlook and less despair!

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