Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pets and Exercise Are Good Therapy

I was rather discouraged this afternoon after I spent the better portion of a nice day indoors composing another fundraising campaign email. I was rather satisfied with what I wrote only to be beaten down a few minutes later by a crude and mean response to my email. It was so hurtful and discouraging that it actually brought me to tears (yes I can cry some tears now).

Fundraising can be very hard and cause you to make yourself very vulnerable. Yes! That is right! I am actually human and can tend to take things personally and be rather hurt. After all my work and effort, it is times like this that I feel like quitting.

So I did what I wanted to do all day but waited until I had finished the campaigning. I went to the dog park for a nice refreshing walk with my dogs. It is exactly what I needed! It was so nice to see all these happy people and to be greeted again and again with joyful smiles of other dog owners. Further, it was great to see Katie and Jake totally enjoying themselves darting around and playing with the other canines. It is such a treat to them when we go to the park (which is at least 1 mile to lap the entire thing).

When I go walking, I do lots of thinking and working things out. At first I was very angry and upset when I arrived. But with each step and breath of crisp autumn air, my head began to clear as I tried to put things into perspective. This week I ran the dog park twice with Katie. After 2 laps earlier in the week, I was very tired, tripped over 2 dogs who stopped suddenly right in front of me, and then had to stop to use the bathroom. After all that, it was just too difficult to motivate myself to continue one more lap. I went back 2 days later determined to do it again and complete at least a 3 mile run for the week.

So I kind of looked at the situation like that. I am alive because I don't quit. You have obstacles but you have to keep going to overcome them. I told myself to "toughen up" like I had to when I wanted to complete the run for the week. I reminded myself that the incident was just another brick wall to test me and see how badly I wanted to attain my goal.

After 3 laps around the park, I went to the gym which was even more helpful and productive with improving my state of mind. Nothing like oxygen to the brain! The tension which had built up fueled my weight lifting routine allowing me to even add some weight to some exercises.

I felt very calm, relaxed, and satisfied afterward. I felt ready to continue on and work on doing and being the best I can be.

For all those strangers who smiled at me at the park and gym, Thank You for making a difference in my life today! :o)

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