Thursday, October 23, 2008

Picture time?

Hmmn. I suppose it is time to post some photos, eh? Well let's see what I can do. I recently noticed that I never posted all the photos to my Rainier hike, Wallace Falls hike, Mt. Si hike, and the Pacific coast beach all from last month to my Picassa albums (the link is under "My Great Adventures" in the left column). It takes some time to upload, edit, and caption them so I will try to post a few at a time. For today I will try to get some of the photos from diving in Seattle and on the Hood Canal. I forgot the camera when we went to Edmonds and the conditions were perfect with a gorgeous sunset. Must have been meant to be one of those stunning moments only reserved for us like some of the rainbow moments I have experienced in the the past few years.

Thanks for your patience and continuing to read! :o)


Linda S. Socha said...

Thank you for your blog and for sharing your photos. I deeply admire your courage and wish you everything you need and the things you want

Kathy said...

fabulous photos Beck!!! Thanks for sharing!!! You inspire me!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the compliments! Sorry to be slow on posting the photos. There will be more to come tomorrow and next week so keep checking! :o)

I am happy that you enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

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