Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Beach

The ocean is one of my passions and the last stop I needed for surgery. Friday afternoon we left arriving late in the evening. Once we entered the beach house, RELAXATION TIME started. Harley immediately crashed right on the couch literally wihtin 5 minutes while I occupied my time with my text phone and reading a book.

Sunday I felt the urge to get out for one of my last runs before surgery. I had no set destination, no watch or time contraints, and no planned route or distance. I just started running, making my way from the beach into the small town of Pacific City along the country highway.

"Where shall I go?" I pondered. I enjoyed running through the quaint little seaside town and was enticed by the farm field inhabited by milk cows with rolling hill vistas in the background. So I just kept running until I saw another bridge crossing the river slough.

It was interesting to observe all the quaint little shingled cottages comprising of the residential area. As I ran past along the rural road, the landscape alternated between trees and open fields. Instead of heading back, I decided to just keep going until I came upon another beach.

When I finally reach the coast where the road came to a T, I stopped and wandered over scree and a gully perching myself upon the sandy cliff overlooking the ocean. I sat mezmorized for a long while by the hyponotic movement of the ocean waves. It was a moment and the first of which in the past week, where I felt no saddness but only joy. I did not feel scared, nor greif or anxiety. While the sun wamed me in the gentle breeze, I could only feel a deep love for the ocean abd life. I finally found the peace that I had been in search of for so many months. I wanted to bottle up the feeling, preserve it and bring it to my surgery unleashing it at just the right time when fear and panic begin to emerge.

When I felt content that I had my fill, I got up to made my way back over the rock and through the brush to the highway. The sign pointing in a direction different than I cam read 3 miles back to Pacific City. The route was a perfect destination to finish off my exploration.

As I ran down the Oregon scenic highway, I approached a crosswalk leading to a hiking trails into the woods that appeared to head towards the beach. Curious and further wetting my appetite for adventure, I followed the trail. Sure enough it led down to the water and beach. There I climbed up on some black molten rocks to sit and admire the ocean beauty some more.

In the distance I could see Cape Kiwanda to the south. The beach between was wide and expansive with compact sand unlike the other side of the Cape. Therefore, I ran all the way back to the Cape along the beach dodging shallow little passages of water trickling from the cliffs to the ocean.

When I reached the giant dune, I climbed up its backside resting upon the steep ridge overlooking the surfer beach and haystack rock on the other side.

For a while I stretched and then I layed back into the sand looking up at the clouds. For quite some time I sat alone on my huge dune until a couple of families slowly made their ascent to the top. By then, it was about time for me to slide my way down in the deep sand on my heels. My stomach was starting to grumble telling me that my tanks was nearly empty! So Once I reached the bottom of the dune, I ran the last mile back to the beach house passing all the beach cottages dotting the coastline.

It is moments in time like these, that my suffering brings a deeper meaning and appreciation for life. If you look hard anough and seek it, life is good.

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