Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Update: Thank you all for your prayers! Becky came out of surgery at about 7:30PM, so only 3 1/2 hours of surgery this time! According to hourly updates phoned in to her mom who waited patiently in the waiting room all day and evening, everything went smoothly and they were able to remove four tumors... one large one and three smaller ones. Meanwhile, her trigeminal (facial) nerve was left intact. During her last surgery it was stretched when trying to get to the tumors and that required Becky to do many facial exercises afterward to return the funtion and feeling in that area. She'll go now to get a CT scan then into recovery for a couple hours. After that, we'll get to see her in Intensive Care. I'll bring you more when there is something to report, but the bottom line is things went wonderfully and we are so thankful for her wonderful team of doctors who have been great both times! Now it's up to Becky to recover and we all know she can:-) Thanks for checking in!

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