Thursday, October 08, 2009

Time for training again! :)

Wow! A week went by fast! One more training session after today until surgery.
Here are a few other exercises I do. There are lots of great ones that Paul helps me to do or that needs 2 people to execute, but unfortunately my camera battery ran out when I tried to have someone take a picture of us passing the medicine balls back and forth. My session is only a half hour but I get in a good workout and was amazingly slightly sore last Saturday from training alone (did not run that day and did not do weights).

P.S. - check out the dude behind me! LOL I was wondering if he saw my trainer taking a picture and decided to strike a pose after stretching! Is he purposely flexing?
Geesh! I did not realize my hair looked that bad! Oh well! Guess it looks like I am serious about the training as opposed to being in a beauty contest. ;+)

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