Friday, October 16, 2009

The Grand Finale

Before surgery, I just HAD to get in one more hike. During most of September I worked on house projects I wanted to complete before going to the hospital. Thus, I stayed behind on one hike in the Mt Rainier surrounding area because I had planned to go with the TSNW group on a season finale at Rainier. However, the day that we were supposed to go, there was a snow forecast at the 6000 foot level where we would be. As such, the trip was canceled and I felt rather heart broken. The season and my desires felt incomplete.

After I had hiked to the popular summit of Mt Si 3 times on my own, I felt a deep longing to also stand on the rock peak known as the "haystack" where I saw little specs representing people. I really like to push and once I begin hiking a mountain, I want to keep going to reach the top (Rainier is obviously an exception because one must be a mountaineer rigged with the proper gear and posess advanced skill).

But anyhow, I longed to be up there like the other people I saw. I had been to the topof the haystack 2 or 3 times before, but it was many years ago. The questions if I could do it again, burned in my mind. However, it would be something I could not pursue alone for both safety and also for guidance. The last leg to the haystack is not a hike, but scramlbing and climbing are involved.

I was simply delighted to finally find someone interested in climbing it with me and who was available on my last weekend home before surgery.

Curious as my trainer is in excellent physical conditioning, I asked "Do you hike?" "Yeah I hike." he responded back. "Wanna go this weekend?"

I was thrilled and estatic that somebody experienced and with endurance was going to have the patience to hike with me on a challenging route! It was a dream come true and my final wish to complete before I went to surgery. Bonus - It turned out to be the best fall day too! The weather and color were gorgeous and no rain, very few clouds.

Click here to view the photos and my descriptions of the hike.

Again, thank you Paul for coming with me and being patient over the rough terrain and climbing the rocks. Thanks for not holding me back either and letting me challenge myself. It is completely what I needed and the mindset I sought to achieve this week. For if I can climb to the top of that rock face with all the focus and concentration, I can also bear with it and tough out facing/going through with the surgery - that includes the sickness that comes afterward in recovery.

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