Thursday, January 06, 2011

Beauty and Snow - signs for Wednesday and Thursday

Oops, I got behind and forgot to post the sign for yesterday.

Being a completely deaf person, and late deafened that is, vision is something I thoroughly cherish. While it was pretty emotionally painful and a tough hurdle to convert from being a fully hearing person to becoming entirely deafened, the experience has greatly enhanced my sense of visual wonder. I am very often enraptured by the sights surrounding me. It can be totally sureal at one moment as if I stepped into the Wizard of Oz going from black and white to brilliant color. Or the beauty of sight can be so heavenly and move me so deeply that I could almost cry.

The story about the photos pictured here......

Every year during the holidays it it tradition for me to visit the magical light displays created at the Bellevue Botanical Garden. I enjoy them so deeply that I must confess I would feel a little emptiness during the holidays if I missed them. My other great joy is to share them with special friends and family. What is greater than sharing your love of life with others?

Because the lights are so amazing, I will continue to post these cool pictures as relevant to different signs. For today, I will just give you one to build up your anticipation.

The other photos our from our outing in the mountains on Sunday. On the way back down, we were walking towards the sun which glistened on the blankets of snow. Not being the best of photographers, I don't have the technical skill to capture such incredible beauty. The snow was sparkling like diamonds!!!! It was breathtaking and mezmorizing at the same time.

So the signs for today and yesterday are

Beauty (also the same sign for beautiful and pretty)



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