Saturday, January 15, 2011

"You" and "Me" and Me and You....So Happy "Together"

The year following radiosurgery treatment in July 2004 became progressively worse as the months spanned out from the treatment. With the tumor on a swelling rampage, the bigger it grew, the worse my balance became. At first it became apparent that riding a bike, a motorcycle, and rollerblading would be out of the picture. Other things I engaged in aside from scuba diving were waterskiing, skiing, and hiking. The hiking was the last thing I was able to hold on to and the day I could no longer control my body to handle that safely, I was completely devastated. It killed me to see mountains that my soul yearned to explore all my life and could no longer reach. I was pummeled!
Then in winter 2006 a hiking friend of mine invited us to join her on a snowshoe outing in the Cascades. I was HOOKED!
Seeing how happy it made me to be in the mountains once again, my loving husband took a leap of faith in purchasing me my snowshoes (top of the line no less). I would not have bought them myself. I am too thrifty. But boy as every snowshoe season comes and goes, I am more and more grateful that he took that chance! When I was down and out grieving a great many losses, someone was in tune to help me find a way to adapt via a new outlet to pursue my passion.
Once again, we are heading into the mountains tomorrow. They have always been my church. I am overtaken by their magnificent beauty which are too perfect to have not been created by a higher being.
Signs for the weekend:
Me (also the same sign for the personfication "I"):

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