Friday, June 10, 2011

The One Eyed Leopard

Thursday morning before the eye surgery

Wednesday night we had to tape my eye shut at bedtime because the eyelid would not fully close allowing it to partially drift open when unconscious. As a result, my eye would be sore in the morning and also in the daytime even with gel drops inserted in my eye. Therefore, when the ENT doctor came to visit me on Wednesday, he mentioned that he was considering the eyelid weight implant for me which MAY be permanant. We do not know yet if my facial paralysis will heal and to what degree.

Last friday was my followup appointment with Dr. Stephen of the OHSU facial plastics clinic to give a look at how the eyelid healing is progressing 2 weeks post surgery. It looked good and I have taken great care with it. I think for a week I taped an eye patch over my eye at bed so that I would not unconsciously rub my eye either scratching the cornea with the weight or dislodging it all together. But I got tired of the tape sticking to my cheek and forehead the next day and reverted back to wearing an eye mask at night which worked well. (just the eyemask with gel drops inserted in my eyes....NOT the tape)

The appointment was very enlightening. Dr. Stephen is a GREAT doctor!!!! He said that if the facial nerve DOES come back and I find that the weight is unnecessary, then they will go ahead and remove it as over time it can drag down my eyelid.

I am never thrilled about another surgery, but that one I WILL TAKE WITH PLEASURE! If a removal became necessary, than that would probably mean my face would come back too!

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