Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Thank you to my special friends Erin and Carli! :)

If was awesome!!!
Thursday before I was able to be discharged from the hospital, I had to have a much less complicated outpatient eye surgery to implant a gold weight into my eyelid. That is one of the reasons why I am wearing an eye protect my eye. Plus it kind of looked bad and I also wore it often to read. I still do as the double vision has been lingering.

In the morning after breakfast and before my procedure, this lovely purple orchid arrived from my fellow lymphoma survivor friend Carli and her mom. Erin who is a former teammate of mine from my Team in Training time with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (of which I am a supporter and continue to be a participant and team captain in the largest tower climb in seattle and the NW). Erin and I walked the full Seattle marathon as an LLS fundraiser in fall 2006. During that time, her daughter Carli, just shy of 6 years old, was our honored patient for the team and had been going through chemo for 2 years to treat non Hodgkin's lymphoma (I had Hodgkin's Lymphoma that was easier and more responsive to treatment).

Carli is now 10 and I am both flattered and honored she remembers me!

Thanks ladies! The beautiful orchid was such a gorgeous surprise! I admire it everyday! I never had an orchid before but LOVE to visit Volunteer Park conservatory and take in the scents and beauty of all the orchids. It has been a long standing tradition for me to go there yearly to find peace and feel better in the face of all this medical stuff. When I had my MRIs in Seattle I used to go there to visit the conservatory afterward to sit there and find a meditative peace as all this can be quite draining. As a matter of fact when dealing with the stress and worry of facing another surgery only a couple months ago, I made a visit there to help find my peace.

Thanks for giving me "peace" to bring home with me! :)

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