Sunday, June 05, 2011

Special Note About My Posts

Top: Mt. Hood in Oregon

Bottom: St. Helens in Washington state, both as seen from OHSU hospital in Portland, Oregon

Dear readers,

Thanks for following along! I wanted to let you know that there is a little gap in my posting last week with many posts dated from Wednesday. I had followup appointments in Portland Thursday and Friday and knew that those were going to be all day adventures leaving me with no time or too tapped out to blog when I came home. Saturday I was also gone all day with my dad on a tourist hiking exploration of the waterfalls outside Portland and then attended the Portland Starlight parade last night with my parents. I was so tired when we came home that I fell asleep in the bathtub for an hour until mom came in to wake me up!

Planning for my post-surgery escapades, I started many posts and saved as drafts which I could just publish later on the days I had activities I was busy with. However, without realizing it, when I did publish the posts, the date revcrted back to Wednesday as if they were old posts yet they were new.
So please scroll down to all the posts dated Wednesday June 1st to make sure you did not miss anything. All posts have a photo with them and I thanked some special people who made this surgery and the outcome a little happier. In case you have not noticed from the pictures, I have suffered facial paralysis on the good side of my face which has been emotionally hard to accept and I will talk more about it in detail on a future post. As such, I have GREATLY appreciated the beauty, cheer, and cards people have added to my life along with the PRAYERS WHICH I AM STILL IN NEED OF.

Enjoy reading! I will continue to post regularly with more photos and stories of my recovery experience and pre-surgery preparation when I return home this week.

With gratitude,

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