Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Two Things I Still Really Want To Do

My new National Geographic Adventure magazine came in the mail late last week and reminded me of my list of things in life I want to do. Featured are 10 of the world's best hikes. Mt. Kilamajaro in Africa is among the list and has been something I have dreamed of accomplishing probably since we went to Belize in 2000 and met a couple from Belgium who had tackled the great giant on one of their holidays.

I have also wanted to climb Mt. Rainier since I moved out here but now I am unsure if I will be able to due to the technical difficulty. On Rainier I think there are some ice crevaces to cross and maybe some areas requiring ice climbing. I will have to get the scoop from my friend Ravi when he attempts his first summit this summer. Rainier is smaller than Kilamajaro but due to our climate here, there is snow on it year round.

The Everest base camp was also a featured hike that I have been interested in doing. It is about 2000 feet smaller than Kilamajaro. I would still like to do that one but Kilamajaro is definitely on my to do list.

Along with summitting Kilamajaro, I have always dreamed since I was a kid of diving in the shark cages and meeting a great white shark up close and personal. The creatures absolutely fascinate me! This would also be an African trek as the tours go out of Cape Town South Africa.

So I have high hopes of this balance and tumor situation resolving. What can I say? I am a pressure junkie in both directions: high altitudes and below sea level. (just not in my damn brain)


C. Walter said...

Hiking is awesome. Just taking in the beaty of nature in places like that would specular... to say the least. Visit My Blog

Steven said...

Dr. Dernbach, the CK surgeon in Naples, FL has done Kilamanjaro. I've given up on ever building my own plane and getting my license now, with no vestibular function. :(

Oh, I've been writing on the CK board again.

Angel said...

You ca do anything you put your mind to, Beck, you're just that way. Sorry I have been absent from the post and otherwise....its caled my hectic life. But you are never far from mind and heart!

Rebecca said...

yeah hiking is awesome! Just regular walking in a park or an urban environment just is not the same.

Wow Steven you have to get the scoop from Dr. Dernbach. Does he have a bunch of photos in his office of kilamanjaro?

Thanks Angel. I really appreciate your optimism and good vibes. I was kind of down last week so your words really help lift me up!