Thursday, April 21, 2005

What's in Bloom in the Yard?

The daffodils in the drive are almost finished blooming. All the daffodils in the pots on the deck are in full bloom. In the yard we have two beautiful lavendar/purple azaleas that are open, pink and white varieties of Heather, a big and beautiful white cherry tree, two cream color azaleas are opening, and it looks as if a red or hot pink azalea will bloom within the next couple weeks.

Up on the hill I discovered some type of light purple wildflower that looks like a forget-me-knot, fushia flowers that look like wild roses from what I believe to be thimble berry bushes, and some type of white flowers that resemble candy tuft.

In May our red and peach (I think a couple pink too) rhododendrons will open. I really love the flowers here and wish I had more of a talent for landscaping.


Steven said...

Howsa about some photos? If you don't know how to upload them, email them to me and I"ll put them on the web for you.

Rebecca said...

yeah I went out and snapped some shots around 5 pm last night with the digital camera. Right now Harley is working on loading the operating software on the computer we got from a friend because my home computer fried. That is why I have not been posting alot and have done nothing more with photos. Hopefully I will be up and running soon and can create some type of photo log in yahoo and add the link to the blog so people can view regular pictures I post. I'll let you know how it goes. I will be so happy to have a home office computer again instead of sharing the laptop which I have a hard time typing on.