Sunday, May 22, 2005


Here is something for everyone to chew on for the next time you are out shopping:

Yesterday I was in Target picking up a few necessities. It was nuts! I literally had to have eyeballs mounted all around my head for a panoramic view of anyone breaking down the isle with a shopping cart. It seems I spent more time looking out for people and politely moving then actual shopping for what I needed! (keep in mind that I did not have a cart nor basket).

Anyhow, I can no longer crouch down low to see things on the bottom shelf without rolling back into a ball like a rollypolly bug. So I was slightly bent over to see something at eye level to read it. All of a sudden I felt a cart wisk my ass and slightly hit it. Of course with my dang midwest nature I immediately said "oh sorry" as I noticed the hit and run culprit escape away without a glance back. I then stood up and looked to see nobody else in the isle! There was plenty of room where that man did not have to hit me.

He was probably torqued because he may have said excuse me a few times with no acknowledgement from me. Sorry dude but you are not that important and worth the effort! I really cannot see something like that happening unless you are of a racial minority trying to shop in a racist town.

If you say "excuse me" and get no response, please think before you act! For crumps sake at least have the decency to politely tap the person on the shoulder and motion you would like to pass by instead of abruptly hitting them with your cart.

There are any number of legit reasons why someone may not respond A) you are speaking too softly, B) the person is deaf or HOH, C) the person speaks a different language and does not know english (they may be visiting or just moved here from another country), D) the person may be severely depressed and totally unaware of their surroundings----living in a "fog", E) the person may have just lost a dear loved one and is in a state of grief, F) the person may have been told some very disturbing medical news or G) the person might be severely under pressure and thinking about all the stuff they have yet to do that day.

These are not the only reasons why someone may not hear "Excuse me". Just remember that the world does not revolve around you and try to have a little empathy and common decency.

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