Friday, May 06, 2005

Lack of Posts and Lack of Response to Emails

Hi. I have gotten many emails from people and I have not responded to them all yet. First of all I was without a computer for a long time. Then when I got one a week ago, I got sick. I have really felt like crap. In fact I got so desperate last night to finish cleaning my kitchen from dinner on Tuesday night that I took some Theraflu in hopes that my body and muscles would stop aching for a little while.

I really hate living among a mess. I believe your surroundings can be a reflection of how you feel. When things are really messy it makes me feel worse.

Anyhow, I have been sleeping most of the time and when I try to write an email I get really worn out. My fingers are doing weird things again. It is challenging to type and I keep pressing the wrong keys or deleting what I wrote on accident. It took me a half hour to write an email to my sister last night.

I will be gone for a few days. We are leaving today to Moses Lake where my parents live. We are going there for mother's day weekend.

Have a nice weekend!


Angel said...

Its all ok, Becky. We all love you and know that you are going through daily trials and tribulations. If there are those that don't unbderstand this and have a problem with it, just tell em to email me and I'll take care of it! I loves ya and so do lots of others, I'm sure they understand.

Rebecca said...

Thanks Angel. You always know the right thing to say to make me laugh or cheer me up!

Angel said...

Thats what I am here for honey!

Steven said...

Oh, I *so* know what you're going through! I am routinely trying to type and gobbeldy-gook comes out on the screen. I didn't used to have this problem.

I spend a lot of time glaring at my traitorous, dyslexic fingers (Me? No, can't be *my* fault!) :)