Thursday, May 19, 2005

Learning to Read Signs of Nature

The day was really weird in the first place. The weather could not make up its mind if it were going to rain or shine. For some strange reason my dog Jake kept wanting to come into the house which I could not understand why. When I opened the sliding glass doors he would enter way over the threshhold which was just plain odd.

For those of you who don't know, my dogs are outside dogs and are not allowed in the house. As a matter of fact it is very hard to get them inside when I want to bathe them in the winter. I have to put them on a leash and literally drag them unwillingly in. They love the outdoors.

Also, a week ago I spilled a cherry pie on the kitchen floor. I was hoping they would come in and lick it up for me. NOPE! LOL I actually had to take Jake by the collar and lead him to the pie. He just sniffed it and quickly ran out the door. Yet when I picked the pie up and scraped it into their bowls, they scarfed the pie down like there was no tomorrow.

Around 4:30 pm there was a dry break in the weather where it looked like the sun was peaking out. Prior to that I got ready when it was sunny and when I wanted to go it started to rain! LOL

Jake and I start walking on the trail of an open farmer's field. I did not have him on leash and he darted into this ditch covered with blackberry bushes, wild roses, and a lone tree. I was really mad because he did not listen and just darted in there and took his sweet time coming out.

Finally he emerged and I put him on the leash because he lost my trust and I did not feel like playing these kind of games. I noticed the sun had disappeared and it was very grey out. We continued to walk and he did it again! This time he did it and overpowered me and did not listen. I had no choice but to let go of the leash because he was dragging me down there with him. I could not understand why he would do this. He had never done anything like this before.

He would not come out for quite awhile. It started to sprinkle so I decided to head back. We only went about 20 feet and he darted into the ditch again and I could not see him. I was getting rather frustrated and it was starting to rain harder. This time he would not emerge. The rain drops became huge and I had not brought a rain jacket. I was getting soaked to the bone. Therefore I decided to run for the truck and pick up Jake later because he would not come out of the bush.

As I was running through the trail in the between the two fields I saw a flash of lightening close by. I gripped the foam part of my walking stick just in case the stick attracted another bolt.

When I was closer to the truck and near some trees I stopped to look behind for Jake. He was sprinting towards me. Next thing you know he passes me up! Then he darted into the bush again as I saw another flash of lightening. After it had passed he made a mad dash to the truck and waited for me to get my slow behind over there. It took him a few minutes to decide to come out of the truck when we got home.

I figured out when I saw the lightening that it must have been thundering but I could not hear it. Thus I could not predict the lightening or how close it was. Jake hates loud noises so he must have been scared of the thunder and had an instinct about the lightening. When I got home I told Harley and he informed me that it had been thundering very loudly all day!

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