Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Taking a Moment to Enjoy a Small Pleasure

I really love mango shakes. I am back to eating them again. I had 3 mangos left. That means I can make myself one tomorrow and Thursday. Somehow the mango shake and sun make me feel happy.

I have not written much or there have been long lapses because I was having a hard time. I kind of got caught up in that whole "pleasing other people" philosophy and did not want to write unless it was something positive and uplifting. But of course that is not really being honest and shielding you from the truth.

I forgot the main purpose of this blog and that is a documentation for me and for others of what it is like living with NF2 and how difficult any type of treatment decision can be. It has been nearly a year and it seems I am on a continuing decline which has gotten me very down. My mom encouraged me to still write about those things.

The truth is besides hiding the bad things from you, I have also been very tired and my fingers numb making it hard to type. When I have a good day I seem to overdo it and become too tired out to write. Like last night for instance, all I wanted to do was to escape. Thus I watched about 2 hours of season 1 of "24" on netflix. It was the chance for me to avoid what was happening and just escape into another realm.

Anyhow, I just wanted to tell you that I awoke kind of sad but the sun and a mango shake would not allow me to be. They may be such simple things but this morning there are incredibly beautiful and delightful to me!


Anonymous said...

So what is your secret recipe for that Mango shake?

Rebecca said...

Ok I posted it a while back but sligthtly altered it.

1 ripe mango sliced
3/4 cup sugarfree vanilla ice cream from safeway
2 or 3 ice cubes
1/2 cup skim milk
1/2 to 3/4 cup of Cal-C juice which is a low calorie peach mango juice I found at Costco Wholesale. It has more calcium that milk and vitamin C too. It is my favorite juice now!

First add the mango and ice to the blender and beat thoroughly. Then add the ice cream, milk, and juice and blend until you have a fine confection!

Angel said...

Its all good Becky, sometimes just a little something can lift ya up and thats the good thing about life. If I am sad, I think about god times with family and friends. That always lifts my spirits!