Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Oddity of Things

Now if this isn't wild or bizarre I don't know what is.

Out of curiousity I decided to do a yahoo search under "NF2" to see if I came up with anything new that might have been published recently. Basically the first page of results are things I already knew or have already seen. I thought to myself "Surely there must be more results".

As expexted, there were quite a few more pages of entries. On the second yahoo search page I saw a result with my name under it from an author in "Mercer Island, WA". Hey that is just a hop, skip, and a jump from where I live! The site was titled "rebekah - nf2 - 104". The name of course is spelled in Hebrew and that is what the website is about: "artistic renditions of Hebrew letters". I was intrigued to I had to check it out.

On the page was the meaning of my name showing my name "Rebecca" as a variant spelling. Further, I never before really did make the connection of the story of Rebekah in the bible. Sure we studied it in CCD but the focus was really on the story of Christ. I knew this but somehow forgot in my subconscious that Rebekah was the mother of Jacob and Esau. I always did like the name Jacob (no special reason) and I used to sit for this wonderful little boy by that name. In any case, when we adopted our dogs, the man had already named the male puppy "Jacob" and called him "Jake" for short. We liked the name and it seemed to fit him. Mostly I call him "Jake" but on occassion he is called "Jacob" too.

Last it was interesting reading the meaning of the Hebrew letters behind the name. It is long so I will let you click the link (title of the post) if you are interested in seeing more. The first part "Resh" which sounds like "R" means "Beginning" or "Head".

Whoa! How weird eh? I definitely did not expect to find this kind of coincidental connection when innocently looking up "NF2".


Anonymous said...

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Steven said...

Isn't that neat how you find stuff like that out of the blue?

Rebecca said...

Yeah it was pure coincidence! The lady did paintings of Hebrew names and Rebekah was under her stock number nf2-104. It is just wild!

Thanks Yvonne. I am really learning alot from your webpage. You have great links to very informative and interesting sights. You have me hooked now on Cary and Lori's pages too and sometimes I check out problogger's.

I think what you are doing is great! Thanks for the tip. I will check it out!