Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Passion

Have you seen the "Passion of Christ" yet? If not I would highly recommend it. Movies such as "The Pianist", "Hotel Rhwanda", and "The Passion 0f Christ" are real stories. They are stories about humanity, suffering, enduring, and perseverance.

When I see such movies it puts things into perspective. Yes my plight with NF2 is no joy ride but I am extremely lucky. After watching each of these movies I thought to myself how I rather be where I am than be forced to endure what the main characters or people in each of these stories did.

I am surrounded by comfort and none of these people had that in their situation. In fact, each of these characters encountered a point where they were terrorized and felt alone (even Jesus did at one point). I have to admit I have been fearful and scared but I have never felt alone, without comfort, or terrorized.

All the movies can be difficult to watch because it is hard to accept how inhumane these people were treated. You can feel it like knives digging into your skin.

After watching "The Passion of Christ" and being horrified by what Jesus had to go through, I was surprised to stand up from my chair and feel a tear or two drop from my eye. I can't cry (due to loss of tear production) and I did not have a breathing or non-speaking episode. I just casually stood up to shut off the TV and DVD player and a tear rolled down my cheek. I went upstairs and the right side of my cheek was wet (the eye that gets dried out from the facial weakness).

Over the last year I have watched many movies that I have been emotionally overcome by, but never have I been able to develop so much as a tear before this one.


Angel said...

Christ endured alot and it would not be human of him had he not felt alone. For the most part, Jesus was human. The Son of God, like all of us are, but with a major purpose. To heal, to teach, and to pass goodness around.
You too as ong as the rest of us endure crosses to bear, but you my friend have an extremely heavy cross. Should you need someone to carry some of that weight, I will always be beside you to help.

Anonymous said...

Hello there. My name is Yvonne Foong, an NF patient from Malaysia. Jamie told me about your blog so I decided to pay you a visit over here. Its great to know that someone who suffers from the same illness as I do, also shares the same passion with me. I'm placing a link to this blog and I hope that you would do the same to mine. May we provide consolation to each other on this rocky and unpredictable journey. Cheera!

Rebecca said...

Hi Yvonne.

I was not sure how regularily you would be checking this so I responded on your blog for today.

Basically I need help figuring out how to add links to other webpages and people's blogs.

It is great to meet you! Looks like you found me before I had a chance to introduce myself!

Rebecca said...

Angel that is remarkably beautiful!

I know you will always be there! Thanks for being such an endearing friend and listening! :o)

P.S. - Only 2 more days! Are you excited????

Angel said...

Damn excited!! Finally, my truw love has entered my life and she is wonderful!

Steven said...

heya Becks, here is the code to add a link to your site: [a href="http://www.yvonnefoong.com/"]Yvonne Foong's blog[/a]

Now, just replace the ] with > and the [ with < and you're set. It will look like this:

Yvonne Foong's blog

Rebecca said...

Thanks Steven. I will try it out. Thanks for encouraging me to start a blog. This would not be here if it was not for you! ;o)

Rebecca said...

Angel your wedding on Saturday was beautiful and so unique! I really had an excellent time and I am so glad that I was able to attend! Now lets hope the photos I took turned out. I have not really taken photos for awhile because it is hard with my balance and vision. I will let you know as soon as I figure out how to upload them to the computer. I hope they are not all a fuzzy blur.

Angel said...

Thanx Beck, I am sure they will be fine!